2020: Fairy Tales.

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The  Non-Piano/Toy Piano Weekend dives into a magical world of princesses, princes, witches, enchanted creatures, magical objects, exploring traditional versions to present day takes and twists of fairy tales and their characters.



Dez 13th. 2020 / CET 8:00 PM
Cinderella in streamland / Live stream
Access for donations of 5 euros or more

Our Weekend begins with The Good and ends with The Bad. All about fairy tales.

The event is in the past! 


Erik Griswold Down the Rabbit Hole (2015)            
for Toy Piano

Sascha Lino Lemke Rapunzel (WP)
for pink plastic recorder and pink midi-toy piano

Rodgers & Hammerstein In My Own Little Corner aus Cinderella (1957)     
for Voice and Non-Piano Ensemble           

IeDon Oh  I’m a toy piano
for toy piano

Dong Zhou Go Cut Your Foot (WP)       
for shoes and multimedia

Ewelina Nowicka Cinderella (UA) 

The stepmother and her daughters
Fairy Godmother
Stepmother and stepdaughters’ departure
Cinderella dreams of the ball
Fairy Godmother’s return
Cinderella’s arrival at the ball – Waltz
The Clock and the lost slipper
The Prince searches for Cinderella- Galopp
The Prince finds Cinderella – Waltz

for violin and Non-Piano Ensemble

Benjamin Scheuer Borstige Ballade UA
for toy piano and samples

Steffen Wolf The Little Mermaid (UA) 
for dancer and toy piano

David J. Lang Three Little Pigs (2010)
for Non-Piano Ensemble

Laura Livers Saudade de Cendrillon (UA) 
for voice, sampler, melodica and piano

Moritz Eggert Luftküsse (1997) 
for 6 performers


piano/melodica/toy piano  Bernhard Fograscher, Jennifer Hymer, Daria-Karmina Iossifova, Steven Tanoto
Voice Meredith Nicoll, Laura Livers
Percussion Taleja Grossman
Dance Lara Hahnel 
Recorder Lilli Pätzold
Director Maike Schuster
Electronics Jacob Sello, Sascha Lino Lemke



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