Paweł Romańczuk

When it comes to toy pianos, Polish composer,  musician , instrument builder Paweł Romańczuk is one of our most  legendary figures!  Not only does he have a collection of up to 300 toy pianos and is the  author of the beautiful graphic book ‚Toy Piano Phenomenon‘ , he is also the founder of the ensemble Small Instruments (known in Polish as Małe Instrumenty).

This five-piece band explores new sounds using a wide array of small instruments, from toy pianos to homemade child-sized cellos. Their main focus is searching for new ways of implementing professional instruments of small sizes, toy instruments, their own peculiar inventions and a whole bunch of little items which make any kind of noise, into their music.   In 2007, the band made its debut at Era New Horizons Film Festival in Wroclaw, Poland and has since worked on many music projects under the name of Małe Instrumenty. Małe Instrumenty also record music for films, broadcasts and audio books. The group has collaborated with many prominent art organizations and artists in Poland and Europe.