2021: Homosapiens & Queen Elizabeth 1.

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The Non-Piano/Toy Piano Weekend takes a time traveling leap back to the beginnings of Humankind and explores its wonders, namely how our species developed from being able to do  only the most basic functions in an untouched world  to accomplishing step by step the feats that set them apart from all other species. 

With our first evening starting at an unspecified time approximately 300,000 years ago with the first  appearance of the human species,  our second evening jumps to focus on Queen Elisabeth I.  and her reign – this fascinating woman being a symbol of the homosapien drive for aspects such as power, war, the building of empires, intellect, religion, intrigue, culture, excess and  fashion. 

Some of the festival  highlights are the   spectacular scenic ‚ Evening Harmony‘  by Frédéric Verriéres for midi-piano, extended techniques and electronics which with  a team of 4 pianists   experiences the beauty of a richly laden evening  based upon  Debussy’s ‚Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l’air du soir‘ . We are happy to present three new works inspired by  Queen Elizabeth I. including  the project  of   French/American puppeteer, musician and costume designer Lucie Cunningham and her  giant costume ’stage‘  of Queen Elizabeth I. 


Dawn of Humanity 

 I. The Beginning 

Peter Köszeghy La grotte de Lascaux (2011) for voice, Non-Piano Ensemble and sounds  
Jacob Sello drum circle (2019) for cauldron and electronics
Steven Tanoto Kalempong (2017) for kalimba trio
Tam Pham Dark Alleys (2019) for performer and electronics 
Mats O Hansson Fuoco (WP) for toy piano and electronics 
Steve Reich Music for Pieces of Wood (1973) for 5 performers  

II. Evolution

Fabian Svensson Grunt Work (WP) for Piano, toy piano & voice (1 performer)
Frédéric Verriéres Evening Harmony (like Debussy has never heard it) (2017, rev. 2021) for midi-piano, 1 pianist, 3 assistants and electronics   

Queen Elizabeth  I. 

III. Becoming 

Annesley Black Songs of Syphilis (2019) for toy piano and voice 
Lucie Cunningham/Steven Tanoto As She Likes It, the first four ages (WP) for puppet theater
Linda Marcel Her Judgements (WP) for toy piano
Benjamin Scheuer moè (2019) for high soprano and otamatone

IV. Queen Elizabeth I.  

Manuel Rodriguez Valenzuela Toccata á l’Acte (2015) for piano and samples
Sascha Lino Lemke Toilette Royale (WP) for soprano, midi-toy-cemablist and three court musicians 


Lucie Cunningham · puppeteer 
Bernhard Fograscher, Hector Docx, Jennifer Hymer, Daria Karmina-Iossifova, Steven Tanoto · piano, toy piano, toy instruments  
Lin Chen · percussion  
Ewelina Nowicka · violin 
Marcia Lemke-Kern · voice 
Jacob Sello, Sascha Lino Lemke · electronics  
Maike Schuster · director

With works by 

Annesley Black, Peter Köszeghy, Sascha Lino Lemke, Linda Marcel, Mats O Hansson, Tam Pham, Steve Reich, Manuel Rodriguez Valenzuela, Benjamin Scheuer, Jacob Sello, Fabian Svensson, Steven Tanoto, Frédéric Verriéres


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