2019: Out of This World

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Non-Piano / Toy Piano Weekend 2019

Evening 1: Alien / Friday November 15th, 2019, 20:00
Evening 2: Across the Universe / Saturday November 16th, 2019, 20:00
resonanzraum Feldstraße 66, 20359 Hamburg / U3 Feldstraße


A intergalactic high-speed ride to extraterrestrial soundscapes, opening interstellar listening rooms, exploring timeless compositions with earthly instruments: foreign galaxies, toy pianos, miraculous aliens, spiritual deities and unexpected leaps into spacetime- and sonic continuums included!

Let the adventure begin!

Evening 1: November 15th
1.) noun: a creature from a different planet
2.) adjective: strange and not familiar


Using the sci-fi classic Stranger from a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein as a basis, the program begins with the book-inspired highly virtuostic Alien for recorders and electronics by Moritz Eggert which brings a talking extraterrestrial to life. Throughout the concert the book’s martian protagonist Valentine Michael Smith is embodied by a countertenor in a series of musical scenes. Additional pieces are a Filidei quartet in which utmost concentration and precision is necessary to perform with balloons, Key Jane from Michael Beil where the pianist performs on a virtual piano in dialogue with two video versions of herself and Eggert’s gothic fantasy The Son of the Daughter of Dracula versus the Incredible Frankenstein Monster (from Outer Space) for ensemble and electronics. A highlight is a visit by one of the toy piano scene’s most exciting figures: Pawel Romanczuk, performer and collector of over 300 toy pianos! 

Evening 2: November 16th
Across the Universe

Our second evening explores different paths of spirituality via rituals, mental states and expressions with a touch on the hippie-culture. Beginning with a transcription of the like-names Beatles classic, it continues on to ancient Sanskrit mantras, a newly commissioned piece around the Hindu goddess Parvati by Sascha Lino Lemke and Mark Applebaum’s Echolalia für 22 amplified Dadaistic rituals. 

Additional works from Mark Applebaum, Simon Steen-Andersen und Manuel Rodriguez Valenzuela show unique requirements and new languages of expression for the performer in high-tech settings such as as Aphasia where Applebaum developed his own gestural language to synchronized sound and Steen-Andersen’s Difficulties Putting it Into Practice, in which a duo dialogues with yet another unique language comprised up of amplified paper- and vocal effects. 

Our special guests include percussionist Cornelia Monske, mezzo-soprano Anna Vishnevska, countertenor Benjamin Lyko, recorder player Gudula Rosa, composer and melodica player Fabian Svensson (Sweden), as well as Paweł Romańczuk (Poland ) – instrument builder, musician, owner of a collection of over 300 toy pianos and author of the book Toy Piano Phenomena. Our Non-Piano Ensemble of 5 pianists will be joined as well by cellist Michael Heupel and violinist Irene Husmann. 



Program and participants

November 15th, 2019 Evening 1: Alien

Steven Tanoto (Indonesia) WP Part 1 for countertenor and Non-Piano Ensemble
Paweł Romańczuk (Poland) WP for toy instruments
Hector Docx (England) WP for toy piano and typewriter
Moritz Eggert (G) Alien (2005) for recorders and electronics
Steven Tanoto WP Part 2 for countertenor and Non-Piano Ensemble
Cavalli Delizie Contenti from the Opera ‘Giasone’ for countertenor & Non-Piano Ensemble
Francesco Filidei (Italy) Esercizio do pazzia I (2012) for 4 ballon players
Cathy Berberian (USA) Stripsody for voice
Michael Beil (G) Key Jane for pianist, video and band 
Steven Tanoto WP Part 3 for countertenor and Non-Piano Ensemble
Paweł Romańczuk WP for toy instruments
Holst/Tanoto Venus for toy pianos and melodicas
Roderik de Man (Holland) Transports for speaking toy pianist
Kurt Weill (1948) Lost in the Stars for mezzo-soprano and piano
Moritz Eggert The Son of the Daughter of Dracula versus the Incredible Frankenstein Monster (from Outer Space) for 2 Keyboards, percussion, violin, cello, piano and electronics
Steven Tanoto WP Part 4 for countertenor and Non-Piano Ensemble 

November 16th, 2019 Evening 2 : Across the Universe

 Lin-Ni Liao (Taiwan/France) TTy: Bagatelle 1 (2011) for tam tam solo and gestures of percussionist
Opening Sanskrit Mantra for Voice 
Mark Applebaum (USA) Aphasia for hand gestures synchronized to pre-recorded sound
Moritz Eggert Melodie 1.0 for melodica, piano and typewriter
Andy Akiho (USA) Stop Speaking (2011) for snare drum & digital playback 
Simon Steen-Andersen (Denmark) Difficulties Putting it Into Practice (200, rev. 2014) for 2 amplified performers 
Mark Applebaum Echolalia: 22 Amplified and Signal Processed Dadaist Rituals (2006 ) for a performer and a sound engineer
Manuel Rodrìguez Valenzuela (Spain) T(t)-blocks version D for 3 electric typewriters with pitch-shift pedals, accessories and video (2014)
LIAO Lin-Ni TTy: Bagatelle 2 (2011) for tam tam solo and gestures of percussionist
Beatles/Tanoto Across the Universe for mezzo-soprano and Non-Piano Ensemble
LIAO Lin-Ni TTy: Bagatelle 3 (2011) for tam tam solo and gestures of percussionist
Peter Michael Hamel (G) Um Namo Buddhaya for mezzo-soprano and piano
Sascha Lino Lemke (G) WP for percussion
Rusty Banks (USA) Babbling Tower-to-Tower (2011) for toy piano und 4 (or more) cellphones
Fabian Svensson (Sweden) WP for 3 stylophones, toy piano, melodica and percussion 
LIAO Lin-Ni TTy: Bagatelle 4 (2011) for tam tam solo and gestures of percussionist 
Closing Sanskrit Mantra for voice

Anna Vishnevska mezzo-soprano
Benjamin Lyko countertenor
Cornelia Monske percussion
Paweł Romańczuk toy instruments
Gudula Rosa recorder
Irene Husmann violin
Michael Heupel cello
Non-Piano Ensemble: Jennifer Hymer, Ninon Gloger, Bernhard Fograscher, Steven Tanoto, Daria-Karmina Iossifova piano/toy piano/melodica/toy instruments
Hans-Jörg Kapp room
Maike Schuster director
Jacob Sello, Sascha Lino Lemke electronics