Seong-Yeon Kwon

Seong-yeon Kwon is a composer who works under the stage name SeMoUm. She majored in piano at Yonsei University and the University of Southern California Graduate School, was an adjunct professor at Nazarene University, taught students as an adjunct professor at Sungshin Women’s University and Sejong University, and worked as a pianist.  Currently, she is the CEO of Semoum Production and is producer and permanent composer of the Seoul Toy Piano Ensemble.

As a  music director for more than 20 plays, movies and animations,  she has worked in productions such as  TV Drama ‘God’s Quiz’ / Movie ‘I’ll Lend You My Dad’, ‘Autumn Post Office’, ‘Playground’ / Play ‘Maid’, ‘Electrician’, ‘Serious Joke’, ‘Old Man and the Floor’, etc. She has also participated in the production of dance music.