2023: Nothing is real


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Nothing is real.

17-18 Nov. 2023, 8 p.m. / resonanzraum

This year’s festival is dedicated to non-existent places and unrealistic situations. Worlds that lie beyond our reality are musically brought to life. Whether through reinterpretations of well-known stories or the creation of surreal and magical spaces, the performances will transport the audience to new levels. Let yourself be carried off into a magical world full of toy instruments and boundless fantasy!

In close collaboration with the renowned young composer Lisa Streich, a selection of her outstanding works will be performed. Through a panel discussion, the audience will be able to gain deeper insights into Streich’s works. 

Streich’s musical artistic direction complements our motto this year in a thrilling way. Her subtle style, sprinkled with sensitive nuances and complemented by self-made mechanical devices, creates a delicate atmosphere of accidental musical beauty. This harmonizes beautifully with our festival title “Nothing is real”.

The title is inspired by Alvin Lucier’s cult work of the same name, in which he used “Strawberry Fields” as the basis for his musical material. Lucier’s composition focuses on a teapot, a symbol of communication and storytelling. It invites the listener to examine the visual language more intensely and to turn to imaginary places and scenarios.

It is precisely these non-existent worlds that we would like to open up musically in this year’s festival with additional works by Christopher Adler, Beatles, Greg Beller, Casey Cangelosi, Moritz Eggert, Seoung-Yeon Kwon, Sascha Lino Lemke, Juan Manuel Jaramillo Lleras, Tam Thi Pham, Benjamin Scheuer, Jacob Sello, Steffen Wolf, Ruben Zahra and Dong Zhou, 

True to our tradition, we present a variety of toy instruments and other special instruments and enrich the program with scenic performances.

November 16
Lecture and masterclass with Lisa Streich
Hochschule für Theater und Musik Hamburg
14:00-15.30 Lisa Streich on her orchestral music
15:30-17:00 Masterclass



November 17, Evening 1


Lisa Streich Matrioshka (2022) for Paetzold, pump, melodica, and egg slicer

Sascha Lino Lemke The Dark Side of the Moon (WP) Concerto Grosso for 3 vacuum cleaners, melodica, midi toy piano, and Fader Ballet

Christopher Adler The Toy Robot’s Mechanical Heart (2015) for toy piano and glockenspiel

Casey Cangelosi Bad Touch (2013) for performer & playback


Podium discussion between Lisa Streich and Sascha Lino Lemke

Lisa Streich Safran (2017) for violin and motorized piano

Jacob Sello Pink Magic (WP) for toy piano

Juan Manuel Jaramillo Lleras Cranberry Sauce (WP) for 3 toy pianos

The Beatles (arr. Tanoto) Strawberry Fields for voice and Non-Piano Ensemble

Moritz Eggert Luftküsse for sextet


November 18, Evening 2


Seong-Yeon Kwon Toy Piano Concerto for piano, toy piano & playback

Greg Beller (arr. Tanoto) Two Scenes from “The Fault”: The Call (2023) für Mezzosopran, Bass und Non-Piano Ensemble

Lisa Streich Créche (2019) for motorized piano

Tam Thi Pham What is behind? (WP) for piano and electronics

Benjamin Scheuer Merkwürdige Metamorphosen (2023) for toy quartet and samples

Seong-Yeon Kwon Seocho Tango for piano and toy piano


Lisa Streich Cadenza from Laster (2018/9) for motorized piano and assistant

Dong Zhou Not my Qipao (2019) for performer and amplified Qipao

Steffen Wolf with Lara Hahnel – Choreography Dort Oben (2020) for dancer and toy piano

Ruben Zahra The Worm Crawl (2021) for toy piano and soundtrack

Sergei Rachmaninoff (arr. Tanoto)​ Little Red Riding Hood, Op. 39, No. 6 (1916-7) for 3 toy pianos and 3 melodicas

Greg Beller (arr. Tanoto) Two Scenes from “The Fault”: The Baby (2023) für Mezzosopran, Bass und Non-Piano Ensemble


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