Jeeyun Jang

Jeeyun Jang was born in 1992 in South Korea and completed a bachelor’s degree in composition at Yonsei University as a full scholarship student at the Hyundai Chung Mong-koo Foundation. She watched and analyzed films following directors’ filmography at Prometheus Film Club for five years, and was deeply interested in movies, actively participating in film production and learned dramatology and art cinematography. She majored in media engineering at Ewha Womans University for a year and studied AI and psychoacoustics in Audio & Interactive Lab. She also learned about design, dramatology, electronic music, and sound visualization. She is basically interested in the importance and influence of sound in any situation and product, and is interested in overall cinematic perfection such as sound, cinematography, and dramatology.
She began with Neue Kompositionstechniken in Hochschule fĂĽr Musik und Theatre Hamburg, Germany, where she learned more about multimedia composition in depth, and then went on to master’s degree in Composition.
After leaving South Korea, she had a two-year hiatus from her work in Germany, and has since been heavily influenced by psychoanalysis by Karl G. Jung and Freud, she continues her own concert series, starting with the opportunity to study in Hamburg.
Starting with “Wrong, Adam” for piano, light, video, and performance, The animated film “You can do everything, grandma” was presented, which was intended to question the infinite possibilities and choices of individuals in limited time of life, and the social behavior restrictions that exist on them. She was heavily influenced by composer and performer John Moran and performed “Unconcious Bathroom Performance” for saxophone, theatrical performance and electronics. She composed “The First Disillusionmentmenet”, a fixed media piece using crowd screaming sound. She then presented “Orange Animus” for organ and recorded voice at St. Johannis Harvestehude Hamburg, and “Popcorn Anima” for guitar duo, electronics and recorded voice and had an interview with audience at resonanzraum. Her Hamburg Series approaches the audience using multiple media to create works with keywords such as unconsciousness, Geworfenheit and magic realism/dream-like logic.