Julia Mihály

Julia Mihály (*1984) is an artist at the border of Contemporary Music, Performance Art, Electroacoustic Music and Electronica. She connects her voice with live-electronics using various kinds of controllers like game controllers, motion sensors and MIDI controllers to modulate her vocal sound. Related to this Max/MSP has become her mother tongue. Furthermore field recordings and the use of analogue synthesizers mark substantial components in her electroacoustic compositions.
The crossover of different music styles is probably the most distinctive feature of her music. Together with the colleagues of her former ensemble, called [-+] without additives NO STARS BIG BAND, she created the most bone-crunching, gut-ripping and brain-melting music imaginable, influenced by wi†ch house, minimal and zombie jazz. Since 2012 she is part of the Electronica duo CLUBbleu, that links its influences from electro-acoustic music with elements of Electronica, Click&Cuts and Death Metal. Besides this she collaborates regularly with other musicians, composers and contemporary music ensembles.